Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Piecing it Together

A year ago Amanda asked for a quilt for Jaina as she had moved into her 'big girl bed' and needed a quilt. While in Vancouver last fall, Amanda, Jaina and I went fabric shopping. We came away with a good selection of fabric, all I needed was a couple of complimentary pieces to round out the selections. I picked up a few here and there over the next few months, but just could not get inspired to start cutting. The fabric wasn't talking to me, it wasn't telling me what it wanted to be. So it sat.

While in Calgary this spring I had the opportunity to take Jaina for the I took her to the park, lunch and the quilt shop. She was the perfect two year old, happy to be busy, out and about. But not so happy when Grandma was concentrating on driving in Calgary traffic and was quiet.' Talk, Grandma!', came the request from the back seat.

The stop at the quilt shop was very successful. Having Jaina with me, and having spent the day with her I was getting a better idea of her personality. The fabrics I chose reflect how I see Jaina, bright, happy, excited, and oh so energetic.

After a couple of months of fitting in bits of time piecing it together, here is the finished quilt top. Now just to get it quilted. Hope Jaina likes it!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Getting Pierced

Just yesterday, while dining in one of our local watering holes, my husband remarked about all the piercings young people have nowadays. Don't worry honey, I reassured him, I won't get anything (else) pierced. No more metal for me. How wrong I was, again.

Weeding is great therapy. Seeing as how I am off on medical leave for a bit, in need of some therapy, I thought this would be a great activity for a hot, sunny Sunday. There is something satisfying about the crick in your back after bending and stretching to rip those stubborn weeds out by the roots, the blisters on your thumb and index finger that develop after hours of yanking on tenacious hanks of chickweed, crab grass and pig-weed and the sunburn on your back after you have shucked your shirt cause it is too hot. Acupuncture is great therapy too, when done properly. But I do not recommend acupuncture, or getting your latest piercing via pruning shears. This is likely to happen when you hook one handle of your very sharp open pruning shears in your shorts pocket while weeding, then stand up to dump the offending weeds in the wheelbarrow. It is highly probably that you will find that those cute little blue handled shears have leaped from your pocket and are now standing firmly erect in your foot, cleanly piercing your skin trying to peg you to the spot you have just weeded. Why you ask did I have pruning shears when weeding? Well, I was on my way (an hour earlier) to do some pruning when those weeds jumped up out of no where and taunted me as I walked past, na-na, nana-na they screamed at me. How could I not stop and rip their roots from the earth? Why didn't I close and lock my shears before putting them in my pocket? Duh, that is too simple.

With blood leaking from my foot (not quite gushing but squishing in my sandal) I located my personal physician so he could patch me up. Hmm, pretty deep, he says. Got a needle? Not likely I tell him, duct tape will do. Being the professional that he is the duct tape was a no go, but it is wrapped very prettily in nice white gauze and tape. No more piercings, he says, no more metal.

I am fine, my foot hurts a bit but nothing like the sting of the fact that the weeds won the battle this day. I will be back chickweed, I will be back to get you.

For those that have chastised me for not keeping my blog up, this is for you. As I mentioned, I was lacking inspiration to write. Obviously, stabbing myself in the foot is not the best inspiration, but it worked. Here I sit, with my foot throbbing, nicely wrapped and elevated sipping on my pain killer thinking of better topics to write about than my latest piercing.