Saturday, December 26, 2009


Yes, four days off! Time to go outside and play. But first, got to bake Gary an apple pie and get the turkey in the oven. That done, it left time to spend a couple of hours hiking up in the Pickering's with Pam, Yeller and Kilo, crunching through the snow. Such fun. Got back, spent a few minutes saying hi to our guests that arrived shortly before and then hustled Marlene out the door to go explore down by the Bull before darkness settled in. Lots of ice in the River. I love watching Bull Mountain, it looks so different moment to moment.

Boxing Day had us outside once more, enjoying the azure blue skies framing the snow covered mountain peaks. We hiked around and over Horseshoe Lake, listening to the crack of the ice as we walked across the lake observing several ice fishing families, feeling the bite of the -15 degree air made colder by the wind blowing on our frozen cheeks...a beautiful Boxing Day in Bull River. Very exhilarating.

From there we went up the Bull River Forest Service Road and spotted 'Noel'. At least that is what I will call him. The Bear that didn't want to miss Christmas. He was poking around in the scrub about 40 feet off the road. Shouldn't he be sleeping like all good little bears!

Every time we go exploring, whether on foot, horse, car or whatever, there is always some adventure waiting! I love it here.