Sunday, October 25, 2009

Message in a bottle

You hear stories about people finding a 'message in a bottle' washed up on the shore of a beach somewhere. What is it that makes this seem so exciting, the unknown, the romance, the chance that it someone special will find it? It's the stuff romance novels are based on.

While traipsing along the Kootenay River trying to avoid meeting a bear I found a bottle. A little green plastic bottle, not the old fashioned female shaped Coke bottle, washed well up onto the rocky beach of the Kootenay River. First I thought it was just someone's garbage, that they were to lazy or careless to pack out. I was about to pick it up to pack out when I notice a little scroll of paper stuffed inside. Bears forgotten I pulled out my camera to document the find.

I opened the bottle and shook out the little scroll that was tied with a very thin brittle piece of string. What would this scroll yield? Was is writtten by a child keen to find out how far this little botttle would travel and would someone find it, was it a written by someone capturing their innermost thoughts and stresses and then throwing them away, trying to discard them, or was it someone, a romantic someone sharing their dreams hoping that someone special would find the bottle and scroll.

The scroll contained the thoughts of someone sitting on the bank of a river, a sketch of an eagle and a fish. Part of the message reads..
"Thus the silly notion of tossing a bottle in the water and leaving it to fate, or just a crazy idea from a dream. Someone will probably find this when I am 50. Anyways, here is the letter, the rest is up to chance. Just like fishing."

The letter also indicated that it was written by a woman hoping to find someone special to share fishing and other life adventures. I sat there on the beach, closed my eyes and envisioned this woman, sitting on the beach, alone, enjoying the quiet, the wildlife, the solitude but wishing for someone to share it with. I rolled the little scroll up, stuffed in back in the bottle, and tossed it back into the Kootenay River with good wishes for this woman with a romatic soul, for the right someone to find it.

The last I saw of the message in a bottle it was floating towards the Koocanusa River, coordinates approx:  49°27'10.83"N  115°25'56.21"W.

I have emailed the message writer, hopefully the address is still valid.

Good Luck

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Kevin!

29! I remember being 29; it was not that long ago. How can our son be there already? If time flies when you are having fun then the last 29 years must have been a blast!

Happy Birthday to a wonderful son and new father! We love you.

Friday, October 2, 2009

My Granddaughters

I think the picture says it all.