Sunday, July 12, 2009

The old girl goes to town

The old girl finally got to go to town today. I am talking about Bessie and Bull River. Bessie has been hiding under her blanket in the shop for the last year or so. Being such a fine warm Sunday afternoon it seemed like a good time to whip that blanket off of Bessie and drive her out of the shop. We pulled the blanket back and there she sat, looking as good as she did 78 years ago. We poured some fuel into her, hopped in and fired her up. She started with the first turn of the key. Like the rest of us, she needed a few minutes to warm up, get things working, then we headed her to the open road.

The old girl just chugged along; she is no speedster, but for 78 years of age, hitting 35 mph is pretty darn good. If you think what the roads were like 78 years ago, going 35 mph down them must have been quite exciting. Her brakes are mechanical so its a good thing she doesn't get going to fast; her braking ability is proportional to her speed ability. Good enough if you aren't going to fast (or down a steep hill). I think Bessie is a very elegant gorgeous old girl.

Bessie came home with my Dad one day many years ago but came to live at our house as Dad didn't have room for her. She was in rough shape, but with a lot of hard work, time and money Dad and Gary got her back to her youthful looking self. Those two men spent many hours working together on Bessie. Sadly, Dad passed away (1994) before he got to enjoy touring in her, but he has been for a ride in her. Gary now owns this beautiful lady; we both love her.

It was a short drive through Bull River but a fun one. A quick spin down the road, through the townsite, finishing up with a quick stop at the neighbour's. The old girl still runs great, hope I run half as well when I am 78.

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