Friday, July 3, 2009

Blink and it's gone.

Where the heck did June go. It was here, then blink, it was gone. Let's see what I remember.

I seem to recall a cattle drive that went up our access road providing dinner theatre entertainment for our guests;

corn/glass blasting the logs;

dates with Coyote where he very gallantly carried me without complaint over the creek;

passing the final permit inspection on our 'do-it-ourselves' 3 year workshop project; blasting, finding more wildlife (bats, turtles and a grizzly);

a road trip to Wetaskiwin in the '33 Chev; blasting; an evening spent helping out at a fabulous local wedding; a rainy day where I got to spend some time in my studio; blasting; sitting outside enjoying the warm evenings as it stays light till almost 11 pm; a daytrip to Lethbridge to explore Costco; my 29th wedding anniversary dinner at the Jaffray Pub & Grill and prepping/planting my 25' x 29' garden. How's that for a long run on sentence.

Trying to garden at Dusty Acres can be a real challenge. The soil here is a sandy clay that forms a cement like crust after a good rain and an hour or two of sunshine. Not to mention the local wildlife that seem to think that whatever grows within their reach has been put there for their dining pleasure. But there are a few things that do seem to like to grow here despite our -30 C winters and
hot dry summers.

The various honeysuckles surrounding the back deck provides welcome shade and fragrance in early July. The yellow, orange and pink blooms are a favorite of the hummingbirds.
The peonies this year were fabulous; the burgundy ones bloomed early, but the baby pink ones were at there best a few days ago. I threw in a few pics of other 'survivors' from my garden.

My 'other' garden, the vegetable one, is going to be quite a challenge. The soil is very poor and keeping it watered sufficiently is going to be my daily job. I have planted a wide variety of veggies, we'll see what manages to survive my purple thumb attempts at gardening.

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