Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Pics and Stones

March and April have been busy. So busy, blogging seems to have fallen off the radar. The taskmaster is down on the coast so I have a few days off and I intend to make the most of them. The dust cloud from his truck had no sooner settled when I had my day pack and camera ready and my hiking boots on. My goal for the day - Go Outside and Play. That means to me, let my feet take me wherever they decide to go.

I did some more exploring along the Bull through the Big Horn Sheep Conservancy. A small herd of sheep is still hanging around. Must be momma's with their babies. They are pretty shy and shuffled along whenever I got too close.

It was stormy and windy day today; great for hiking and photo taking. Looking south across the highway towards the train tracks there was a big dust storm, must have been the sand and dirt from the 'beach' at the Bull.

The fields and mountains are starting to green up and the river is starting to rise. The Bull is different every day, always interesting to hike along. This stretch of Bull River is next to the Sheep Conservancy.

After scaring the sheep I headed up and over the bluff by the old dam. This is looking east, towards the storm blowing in from Alberta.

There are a few wildflowers starting to appear. Up on this bluff I spotted this pretty little one.

This is a little further up the Bull. I was enjoying myself, not really keeping track of the time, just wandering. That storm is still brewing. The old cottonwood trees sure have personality.

It hasn't been all work the last month. We took some time out to do some geocaching around Norbury Lake with Kevin and Danita. It was their first time out looking for buried treasure. Still a bit of snow around the lake on the northwest side. The reflection of the mountains in the lake was a fluke. Didn't see that til I after I had taken the first pic.

The siding on the shop is about half done. We finished the north wall where my studio is. Surprisingly enough, there have been no tumbles off the ladder or scaffolding and no hammered fingers. Hmm, maybe I shouldn't have said that aloud, I may be tempting fate.

When the cat is away the mouse will play (outside). I am going to dig out my bike, do a tune up and go for a spin. Hopefully not a spin out and spill. I am notorious for falling off my bike. That's why I like hiking so much.