Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Exploring Bull River

Mother Nature has decided that she is not ready for spring yet; but I am. And cause there is no pushing that lady, I'll have to make due with making my blog more 'springy'. The header is from last year when the garden was in full bloom. These yellow things, their name escapes me right now, grow about 5 or 6 feet tall and are quite delicious according to the deer.

Gary never knows what to expect when I suggest we go for a 'walk'. It can be anything from a twenty minute walk around the 'townsite' to a three hour ramble exploring somewhere new. Every hike is an adventure, there is always something interesting. This afternoon found us hiking along the north side of Bull River in an area we had not explored yet.

I keep looking for signs of spring. The willows have a yellow blush to them, some of the shrubs are starting to show new growth, and a few sprigs of gound holly were found growing here and there in sunny spots.

The ice is melting and breaking up on the
river. The 'wannabe photographer' in me had me lying down on the river bank peering under the ice for some of these cool pictures. I was so busy looking at what was in the viewfinder under the ice that I forgot to look what was above the ice. The birch trees look surreal.

The low area by the river had a large birch stand. Many of the trees had been damaged by the wind. If the degree of bend in the trees indicates how strong the wind gets in this area it is no wonder that many of the birch have been blown over.

The Bull River area has a very rich history.
We discovered some other items relating to earlier days on Bull River but I will post them another day.

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