Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Pizza Test

As most of my friends and family know, I don't like the phone. I rarely pick up the phone to make a call, and if Gary is home, he usually answers. So, in early January, just as we were sitting down to tea in the early evening, Gary answered the phone. It was Kevin. Seeing as we had just talked to him on New Year's I had not expected to hear from him so soon. I am not sure what Kevin said to his dad, but I assume it was something to the effect 'Is Mom there? Can you put me on speakerphone?" Well, I don't know about the rest of you, but I find that when I use the speakerphone, voices get sort of garbled and seem to echo a bit in the room making it a wee bit hard to understand. (I think that is another sign of aging, but more on that another day). Anyways, back to Kevin. I said hello to him and asked him how he was; his reply, at least what I heard was "The pizza test was positive" spoken rather quickly in an excited voice. After a moment or two of silence on my end, I let out a whoop cause I just figured out what he said. 'The pee stick was positive' is what he really said. After much laughing and talking about what I thought he said and congratulating we ended the call but not before he explained that the pizza test indicated that the pepperoni was spicy and the crust not to thick. Ha ha son.

A couple of days later, another call, this time I did answer. No hello, just a voice I haven't heard on the phone more that a time or two proclaiming 'it's official, the rabbit died'. It was a very happy Frances, Danita's mother. She had just got off the phone with Danita and Kevin, and was quite excited that our children had killed the rabbit, so to speak. Kevin called a few minutes later to share the news personally and said that yes, Frances was more than a little excited and literally bursting with excitement. Can't say I blame her. It has been tough keeping this to myself. I had not even told my daughter Amanda, there are some things that you just need to hear from the source. Apparently she was quite beside herself too, cause Kevin called her right after talking with me, then Amanda called to give me heck for not sharing sooner. But she knew the news was best heard from her brother. More giggles.

So as you may have guessed, we are going to be grandparents again in September. Gary and I, and Danita's parents Jim and Frances, couldn't be happier for them both. And for us too. Here's hoping for an easy pregnancy, speedy birth and healthy baby. So far, Danita has just been tired, and Kevin is busy reading the 'So you're pregnant books'.

Lot of love to you both. Actually, both and a bit.