Wednesday, December 31, 2008

What every girl needs

What girl doesn't like a nice pair of shoes, better yet a great pair of boots. Soft supple material that molds to your foot, tiny little straps, or if we are talking boots, those sexy lace ups. Of course the perfect heel, a flash of silver, and my heart starts to palpitate. I do love shiny things. I must admit I am more partial to boots rather than shoes. In need of a little 'pick me up' for the New Year we headed out, braving the icy roads and the cold temperature. The drive to Cranbrook, which normally takes 35 minutes, took 50 minutes, but it just seemed to fly by as I dreamed of new boots. I hardly even noticed the snow covered scenery.

Our little town does not have a lot of footwear stores, so the shopping options are limited. But at our first destination I could see incredible possibilities. Looking through the window at all those lovely boots had me drooling over all t
he choices. I could just visualize myself prancing around in those lovely boots. So, dragging my hubby inside (who could definitely envision me in these boots), we entered this den of temptation. I am pleased to say they had several gorgeous boots in my size, which is unusual. After oohing and ahhing over the various styles, I slipped my feet into these wonderful boots. I strutted around the store to see how gracefully I could stroll in these heels, and of course, seeing which of these incredible boots made me feel and look my best. I could feel the smile on my face, and see the look on my hubby's face too, although I am not sharing that here. Decision made on the boots, I couldn't help but top them off with a great pair of jeans too. Oh, what an ensemble (click here)! I am going to be so hot! 2009 is going to be a great year!