Friday, December 26, 2008

The snow fairies laughed

To all my friends and family on the coast, the storm that hit you, arrived in Bull River on Christmas Eve. It snowed for about 36 hours but we only accumulated about another ten inches of dry fluffy snow. On Boxing Day, while Gary went off to run an errand I donned his fireman boots (my boots were too short) and went for a tramp around the neighborhood with my camera. I shuffled, in the too big boots, down the hill and over to the Big Horn Sheep conservancy hoping to catch them out in the field. The sheep must have heard me coming because they were way, way in the back. I snapped a few pictures looking up east up the Bull and towards the hill where our home is. You can't see the house as it is well hidden by all the trees.

I was having such a good time, enjoying the -8 weather that I wandered up the forest service road instead of heading back to the house, stopping now and then to listen to the sounds of the forest, enjoying all the beauty around me, snapping a pic or two. Soft 'whooshes' could be heard as the snow tumbled from the heavily laden trees in mini avalanches. I told myself, 'don't stand under the trees'. Well, I got distracted snapping a few more photos, when wouldn't you know it, 'whoosh' down came the snow on top of me. I am sure the snow fairies were laughing, I know I was.