Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Moment

Breathing, we take a breath in and we let our breath out. Every moment of every day we are breathing. Nothing out of the ordinary, right. That is, except, for those very special moments in life when something extraordinary and even miraculous happens that takes your breath away.

On Monday October 18, 2010 at 7:03 pm I experienced one of those moments that literally takes your breath away. I watched with big round eyes as my daughter Amanda gave birth to her second daughter, Kharys Elizabeth; all 9 pounds 11 ounces of her. What a strong woman my daughter is.   

Jaina meeting her new sister.
Thank you, my dear, for sharing this moment that took my breath away. The moment when your beautiful little girl took her first breath and stole my heart. It is a moment I shall treasure all of my breathing days.
Do I look happy?

Monday, October 4, 2010

Autumn Colour

Autumn is my favorite time of the year. The light is incredible, the colours intense, and the air is crisp. I like to think of fall as the beginning of the year. Maybe it has something to do with kids and school, or it's just because its a season of change, somethings ending, others starting anew.

Autumn brings out the kid in me. I am still outside digging in the dirt whenever I can, raking pine needles and jumping in the crunchy leaves, and walking the beach looking at all the cool rocks. This year with my first attempt at college, time seems to be in short supply for these 'kid' activities. But the clear cerulean blue skies and chilly air beckon me outside to explore and play.                                          

Play this weekend was a 100km round trip on the quads to Summer Lake. What an awesome day; the mountain slopes covered in almost a fluorescent flood of colour. A hundred shades of green shifting into yellows, oranges, and reds. Breathtaking.

Monday, August 9, 2010

My Dusty Acres Summer Vacation by Jaina

My Mommy wants to know what I did on my summer vacation at Dusty Acres with Grandma and Grandpa Wilson so I asked my Grammie to write this up for me. I call Grammie that when I am being goofy.

It was a long drive from Calgary to Dusty Acres. Every time I asked Mom if we were there yet she said, ten more minutes honey, ten more minutes. There were a lot of ten more minutes. I sang Mom lots of songs; Baa Baa Black Sheep, Smokey the Bear, My ABC's, Swimming and the Itsy Bitsy Spider. We were at Grandma and Grandpa's before I ran out of songs.

Chill'axin at Bull River
It was a busy week with Grandma and Grandpa; for old people they sure were fun. We went canoeing at the lake, to the play park, hiking, and we went to the beach where we dug for treasure, went fishing and on bear hunts by following the animal tracks in the sand and mud. Grandma told me when we were at the beach we are 'Chill'axin'. I like that word.

Digging for Treasure
Going on a Bear Hunt
The treasure is here somewhere!

Grandma also taught me to wave really big at Thomas the Train so that he would blow his whistle. She even put me up on her shoulders so I would be real high and the conductor would see me waving. Four trains went by when we were at the beach and four times Thomas blew his whistle. I was so happy. Grandpa told me not to be disappointed if they didn't blow their whistle. I was not disappointed.

That's me, asleep under the book.
Every night Grandma would read me stories. One of my favorites was Pinocchio. I had Grandma read it to me two nights in a row. Grandma has a big playroom she calls a studio. She  had chalk, paints crayons paper and a bunch of clothes pegs in her studio. While she was working on a surprise for me, I was working on a surprise for her. I was collecting clothes pegs from her basket. I learned how to use them the day before when I helped Grandma hang the clothes on the line.Those clothes pegs got me thinking about Pinocchio. If I put that clothes peg on my nose I would be like Pinocchio and have a really long wooden nose. So I put one on my nose. I forgot that they pinched. Hard. I cried really loud and Grandma quickly reached over and unpegged my nose. I could tell she was trying hard not to laugh. She gave me big hugs and wiped away my tears. She asked me 'Jaina, why did you put the clothes peg on your nose?' I told her I  wanted to be Pinocchio. Grandma gave me another big hug. When Grandma asked me what I learned I told her 'don't put clothes pegs on your nose, they pinch'.
Teetering with Grandpa
Grandpa teetering!
Grandma and Me in Winnie the Pooh's House. 
My cave at the play park.
Me and Grandma in front of the Bull River Community Hall.

Grandma likes it when I sing. She was surprised I knew so many songs. I even knew some she didn't know. My Mom and Grandma Potosky taught me lots of songs. Grandma Wilson taught me a new song too. It goes like this; Ninety nine bottles of milk on the wall, ninety nine bottles of milk on the wall. Take one down, pass it around, ninety eight bottles of milk on the wall.' It was a real long song. Grandma tried to get me to sing it but I wasn't sure of all the words so I would practice it when I was having quiet time and Grandma was sitting outside in the sun working on my surprise. I do know the words but I sometimes get the numbers wrong.
I like Grampa pushes..I go very high and I do not let go!
Norbury Lake
Norbury Lake
Canoeing was fun with Mom and Grandpa. They paddled me all around the lake. I felt just like a princess sitting in the canoe, my slaves paddling away. Especially when my hat blew off and they had to try and get it before it sank. Sitting in the canoe in the warm sunshine was so relaxing I almost fell asleep. After lunch I went canoeing with Mom and Grandma. We saw a snake swimming in the water, fish, loons and eagles.

Grandpa, Grandma and Me
Grandpa took me on a special ride too. We went on the ATV. He hung on to me real tight. I kept pointing at all the things I was seeing and telling him about them but the ATV was too noisy, he couldn't hear me. When we got close to the lake we found some big cows. They had something on their tummy. When I asked Grandma what they were she told me they were udders, and there is milk in there. She's silly, the milk is in a carton in the fridge. My Grandma Wilson, she's so full of stories.
I like ice cream!
Grandma told me a really good story on the drive home to Calgary. It was about a little girl named Jaina, just like me. She didn't even have a book, she just talked. I really liked that; I listened very carefully. When Grandma was done the story about Jaina I asked her for another but she said she had to think of one. I asked her about ten more times on the way home if she had thought of one yet but she kept saying 'not yet'. Grandma, have you thought of another Jaina story yet?
My new quilt and apron that Grandma made just for me.

I was so happy to see my Mommy when I got home. She was waiting outside for me. I ran to her and gave her big hugs. My Mommy looked like she was going to cry. I had a really good time at Dusty Acres with Grandma and Grandpa, but I am really happy to be home with Mommy and Daddy. I missed them. And Cleo and Pharaoh too.
My Grammie & Me
Maybe Mommy and Daddy will let me go back to Dusty Acres and have another vacation with Grandma and Grandpa. I will even sing that song for Grandma.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Piecing it Together

A year ago Amanda asked for a quilt for Jaina as she had moved into her 'big girl bed' and needed a quilt. While in Vancouver last fall, Amanda, Jaina and I went fabric shopping. We came away with a good selection of fabric, all I needed was a couple of complimentary pieces to round out the selections. I picked up a few here and there over the next few months, but just could not get inspired to start cutting. The fabric wasn't talking to me, it wasn't telling me what it wanted to be. So it sat.

While in Calgary this spring I had the opportunity to take Jaina for the I took her to the park, lunch and the quilt shop. She was the perfect two year old, happy to be busy, out and about. But not so happy when Grandma was concentrating on driving in Calgary traffic and was quiet.' Talk, Grandma!', came the request from the back seat.

The stop at the quilt shop was very successful. Having Jaina with me, and having spent the day with her I was getting a better idea of her personality. The fabrics I chose reflect how I see Jaina, bright, happy, excited, and oh so energetic.

After a couple of months of fitting in bits of time piecing it together, here is the finished quilt top. Now just to get it quilted. Hope Jaina likes it!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Getting Pierced

Just yesterday, while dining in one of our local watering holes, my husband remarked about all the piercings young people have nowadays. Don't worry honey, I reassured him, I won't get anything (else) pierced. No more metal for me. How wrong I was, again.

Weeding is great therapy. Seeing as how I am off on medical leave for a bit, in need of some therapy, I thought this would be a great activity for a hot, sunny Sunday. There is something satisfying about the crick in your back after bending and stretching to rip those stubborn weeds out by the roots, the blisters on your thumb and index finger that develop after hours of yanking on tenacious hanks of chickweed, crab grass and pig-weed and the sunburn on your back after you have shucked your shirt cause it is too hot. Acupuncture is great therapy too, when done properly. But I do not recommend acupuncture, or getting your latest piercing via pruning shears. This is likely to happen when you hook one handle of your very sharp open pruning shears in your shorts pocket while weeding, then stand up to dump the offending weeds in the wheelbarrow. It is highly probably that you will find that those cute little blue handled shears have leaped from your pocket and are now standing firmly erect in your foot, cleanly piercing your skin trying to peg you to the spot you have just weeded. Why you ask did I have pruning shears when weeding? Well, I was on my way (an hour earlier) to do some pruning when those weeds jumped up out of no where and taunted me as I walked past, na-na, nana-na they screamed at me. How could I not stop and rip their roots from the earth? Why didn't I close and lock my shears before putting them in my pocket? Duh, that is too simple.

With blood leaking from my foot (not quite gushing but squishing in my sandal) I located my personal physician so he could patch me up. Hmm, pretty deep, he says. Got a needle? Not likely I tell him, duct tape will do. Being the professional that he is the duct tape was a no go, but it is wrapped very prettily in nice white gauze and tape. No more piercings, he says, no more metal.

I am fine, my foot hurts a bit but nothing like the sting of the fact that the weeds won the battle this day. I will be back chickweed, I will be back to get you.

For those that have chastised me for not keeping my blog up, this is for you. As I mentioned, I was lacking inspiration to write. Obviously, stabbing myself in the foot is not the best inspiration, but it worked. Here I sit, with my foot throbbing, nicely wrapped and elevated sipping on my pain killer thinking of better topics to write about than my latest piercing.

Saturday, December 26, 2009


Yes, four days off! Time to go outside and play. But first, got to bake Gary an apple pie and get the turkey in the oven. That done, it left time to spend a couple of hours hiking up in the Pickering's with Pam, Yeller and Kilo, crunching through the snow. Such fun. Got back, spent a few minutes saying hi to our guests that arrived shortly before and then hustled Marlene out the door to go explore down by the Bull before darkness settled in. Lots of ice in the River. I love watching Bull Mountain, it looks so different moment to moment.

Boxing Day had us outside once more, enjoying the azure blue skies framing the snow covered mountain peaks. We hiked around and over Horseshoe Lake, listening to the crack of the ice as we walked across the lake observing several ice fishing families, feeling the bite of the -15 degree air made colder by the wind blowing on our frozen cheeks...a beautiful Boxing Day in Bull River. Very exhilarating.

From there we went up the Bull River Forest Service Road and spotted 'Noel'. At least that is what I will call him. The Bear that didn't want to miss Christmas. He was poking around in the scrub about 40 feet off the road. Shouldn't he be sleeping like all good little bears!

Every time we go exploring, whether on foot, horse, car or whatever, there is always some adventure waiting! I love it here.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Happy Wandering

I spent my last afternoon of 'freedom' (from paid employment) with my friend Caroline happily wandering through the bush down by the Bull and Kootenay Rivers. We had a great time exploring; finding fabulous colours, textures and shapes everywhere. If only I knew how to use all the settings on my camera. Guess I better do more 'photo rambles'. Caroline, you ready? 

 Can you see the turtle in the picture above?